Monday, February 28, 2005

did you know that they auction found luggage?

Claudine says: good morning/afternoon

Laura says: hey still there?

Claudine says: hi

Laura says: ah...I missed your ever-presence earlier today...spent all day nervously waiting for the DHL man to show up with my briefcase...which is still AWOL

Laura says: how was your weekend?

Claudine says: sorry, i was beat and i had a couple of hours comp-time from a late night last week so i decided to come in a little late

Claudine says: it was good, too short

Laura says: ah, well...o I survived. Harry Potter is very diverting

Claudine says: which one?

Laura says: Goblet of Fire

Claudine says: good?

Laura says: entertaining

Laura says: I resisted reading them for a while because of the popularity...but figured if I am going to try to write a kids book, I should give them a whirl

Claudine says: good idea

Laura says: and they are fun...sometimes repetitive, but I just skip over those parts

Claudine says: i liked the first one enough. I don't really understand the huge popularity with adults though, it felt like a book/series that I would have loved as a kid.

Laura says:'s an easy way to kill time, but really, should be left to the kids.

Laura says: takes the fun out when your parents are discussing it--which is exactly what shouldn't be done

Laura says: I am grateful to Rowling...she opened up a huge market though for that age group

Laura says: though now even more people are insisting on writing kids books

Laura says: I got a little silly gift for you in Oxford...instantly thought of you (and this time it was actually portable), I was going to mail it, but maybe just

Laura says: bring it home

Claudine says: yeah, it's great that it gets kids to read books that are that length

Laura says: (so it's not a candelabra, sorry)

Claudine says: or give it to me when i come visit :)

Laura says: YAYAYAYAYAAYAYAY!!!!!!

Claudine says: no problem

Claudine says: i think we're all set with the lighting

Laura says: I'll leave it then for a future anniversary gift or something.

Laura says: see Johnny on the red carpet last night?

Claudine says: yes i did

Claudine says: and his stupid wife

Laura says: all gorgeous and perfect, as always

Laura says: but really..."long-time girlfriend" there's still hope for us single ladies

Laura says: right

Laura says: I like the bit about his son disparaging his shoes

Laura says: can you imagine what Johnny Depp's son must be like?

Laura says: or daughter?

Laura says: very odd family--half Depp and half French

Claudine says: very odd

Laura says: I was wondering today back on the whole staying for the summer. Seems sort of silly. Like I'm trying to pretend I have a life that I don't really.

Claudine says: truthfully i think if you have the opportunity to stay you should. You can work in the fall.

Laura says: I think sometimes about how nice it would be to just home, in the house...easy though...

Laura says: I worry that it will just be easy

Laura says: and that's the path that will lead me to unproductive spinster hood rapidly

Laura says: Would you come to visit then though?

Laura says: We really would have a blast in Paris

Laura says: Blake can come too if he wants...though it might be frightening for him...sort of a high-cultured weekend-long version of a Gilmore Girls night

Claudine says: actually he just started classes, he wants to get certified as a medical assistant, so that he has some skill he can get paid for

Laura says: I had no idea he was interested in the field

Claudine says: so that's why I might be able to go because he won't be able to take a vacation this year

Laura says: But his wives will

Claudine says: yup~

Laura says: :D

Claudine says: apparently when he was really little when he was in the hospital at first he wanted to be a doctor, but then he was in the hospital more and then he definitely didn't want to be a doctor. he seems really into it so...

Laura says: Glad to hear it

Laura says: Couldn't ask for a more caring medical assistant, that's for sure.

Laura says: Does this mean I need to find a...

Laura says: WAIT

Laura says: this doesn't mean your pregnant right?!??!!??!?!

Laura says: :S

Laura says: you're leaving me hanging here

Claudine says: nope, still not knocked up

Claudine says: although i don't quite see where you were going with that

Laura says: not that there's anything wrong with it

Laura says: no it just occurred to me that Blake needed to "get a proper job"

Laura says: might mean to support you and your child

Claudine says: that's just so we don't get evicted

Laura says: I was first going with the...since Blake is getting real skills, does that mean I do to?

Laura says: ah…good...I need to keep my Brooklyn condo after all

Laura says: its' strange, they are predicting "big snow" (not sure what that means in Belgium) but tonight the birds are chirping as the sun sets like it was summer

Claudine says: we're getting "big snow" tonight too

Laura says: awe...we can think of each other as we watch the world whiten

Claudine says: how nice, i'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow

Laura says: yeah...lucky me, I was hoping to get to Brussels to apply for my second passport

Laura says: ah...what service...a glass of red wine as I gab away with my friend...

Laura says: jealous

Claudine says: a little

Laura says: there is an elegance to certain parts of my Euro life that I will miss--or try to integrate. But it's just easier to have a glass of wine with dinner when a bottle of good vino costs $3

Claudine says: true

Laura says: did you know that they auction found luggage?

Laura says: the airlines...isn't that odd?

Laura says: (I was trying to figure out what the extra cost of extra luggage would be if I have Dad bring my hockey stuff over

Claudine says: that is weird

Laura says: actually, sounds like great fodder for a book or a play

Claudine says: i guess it's better than throwing it away

Laura says: (tell Blake he should write something up)

Laura says: true

Laura says: I would be curious to go to one

Laura says: maybe back in the states--if they do them there too

Claudine says: yeah, do they open them up or do you just take your chances on what's inside? like blind lots

Laura says: and then what's inside--all these sort of personal clues about the people who never claimed their luggage...why did they never come back

Laura says: I'm really intrigued actually

Laura says: so how long is the course that Blake's taking?

Claudine says: 10 months

Laura says: wow that's a big commitment. Is it everyday? Evenings I presume?

Laura says: man this Lufthansa web site sucks

Claudine says: 9-5, five days a week

Laura says: I'm really impressed. I feel so...out of the loop.

Laura says: How long has he been in

Claudine says: don't feel out of the loop

Laura says: I am...

Claudine says: today's his first day of classes

Laura says: sadly

Claudine says: no one else knows

Laura says: ungrounded and out of the loop

Laura says: oh...ok

Laura says: I will keep it under my toul

Laura says: touk

Laura says: hat

Claudine says: thanks

Laura says: did you see Million Dollar Baby

Laura says: ?

Claudine says: nope

Claudine says: actually didn't see any of the movies nominated

Laura says: I ended up ruining it for myself reading though a stupid Oscars report

Laura says: argh

Laura says: I saw...The Aviator

Laura says: which was enough to know it should not have won except for Kate Blanchette

Laura says: (it was the only option in Turku on a grey and depressing day after my birthday...I had already seen Closer at the same theatre days before)

Claudine says: the only ones nominated for anything that i saw were eternal sunshine of the spotless mind for best original screenplay, closer for best supporting actress and born into brothels for best feature length documentary

Claudine says: Aviator didn't win that much actually, compared to what it was nominated for. I bet million dollar baby would still be worth seeing even if you know what it's about

Laura says: yeah...sounds gut-wrenching actually, even thinking about what was described.

Laura says: Dinner time...I'll be back in a bit though, if you're still on

Claudine says: of course

Laura says: still there? working hard?

Claudine says: oh yes

Claudine says: blizzard just began

Laura says: seriously?

Claudine says: yes

Laura says: invite link didn't work though...can you send it again?

Laura says: Did you know...this on Dutch news...that there are old age home caretakers taking pictures of elderly people in compromised pictures and selling them? The only thing grosser is the idea that there are people out there buying this stuff

Claudine says: that's nauseating

Laura says: seriously...there are a range of deranged people I simply can't imagine

Claudine says: its truly disturbing

Laura says: grrr, all Luftansa could tell me about transporting my equipment was that I need to call the local office--which there is none of here

Laura says: useless

Laura says: if you were to come over...when were you thinking?

Claudine says: after school ends

Laura says: cool...June?

Claudine says: anytime after june 16th

Laura says: ok, just wanted to be sure it wasn't around Easter--as I'll be trying to get into Russia around then

Claudine says: no, i'm getting my hair done on good friday ;)

Laura says: of course

Claudine says: although depending when the school's closed that would be a good time to go

Laura says: ah...just thought...timing will be perfect, you can trim my hair again. Just remember to pack the scissors in your carry on

Laura says: then you can join me in Finland or Moscow!

Laura says: joy joy

Laura says: and a little nippy

Laura says: you'd love Timo...he makes Blake seem blaring and over-pronounced

Claudine says: wow

Claudine says: so I’m allowed to use my own scissors this time?

Laura says: It's funny because I don't know if he got a little louder or I jsut got used to it , because I could understand him much better without leaning in so often last visit

Laura says: well, no, I expected that you would go to the Knolls

Laura says: I need you to pick out a few perky summer alfits from my closet I can pick up a cute Scandinavian for the summer

Laura says: you don't mind, right?

Laura says: ;)

Claudine says: of course not

Laura says: always looking to improve my fashion sense

Laura says: the shame of the blog is that the emoticons don't turn up...that’s what almost makes it better that you actually have to write "angry pineapple lady" now

Claudine says: yeah, i noticed that


Laura says: wow...a real storm

Laura says: our warnings are clear skies at the moment

Laura says: that's a lot of snow they're talking about


Laura says: heading home early then?


Claudine says: unfortunately no word of that so far, i would be very happy with a snow day tomorrow

Laura says: most definitely

Claudine says: according to the hourly forecast on it is going to snow and snow shower until 9am on Wednesday

Claudine says: and then stop only for a couple of hours

Laura says: ooo…definite potential there for a nice cozy day at home with the kittens...get to work on some more bathroom planning

Laura says: but you must get outside and take some nifty photos too for me to see

Claudine says: of course

Laura says: ummm...i'm going to make some hot cocao for myself and tea for joske (with Speculoos!) brb

Laura says: puffed...the taste of being a kid and being happy

Claudine says: lucky you

Laura says: here's an inane conversation starter--what is jet-puffed about a marshmallow

Laura says: and hey you had us all drooling with your french toast sticks the other day

Claudine says: sitting at my dsek having french toast sticks from the cafeteria and sitting in Belgium drinking hot chocolate incomparable

Thursday, February 24, 2005

here I am

Laura says:
here I am
Laura says:
are you there still?
Laura says:
how did the French toast sticks work out for you?
Claudine says:
thank goodness
Claudine says:
very well
Laura says:
mmm, I am jealous. every now and again i make myself french toast here...but it's not the same
Claudine says:
if its so torturous you should come home
Laura says:
trust me...if I could time warp to the World Championships and then to three months in Fin/Swe, and fill the rest in the NY, I would
Laura says:
actually, looking up airfares, i was very tempted to consider it...I'll keep my eye out for super cheap fares
Laura says:
come home at least to say hey, recharge, though it is counter to the whole point of staying here for the summer since I'm already here
Laura says:
better maybe to halve the fair with a good friend to come and visit
Claudine says:
i will look out for cheap fares
Claudine says:
the only problem is the nicer and warmer it gets there the more expensive it is to fly there
Laura says:
doesn't that just actually do have to pay for happiness
Claudine says:
yes it does
Claudine says:
so what do you think of w
Laura says:
actually...that's perfect...especially since sanoo means "says"
Laura says:
and we can impress all those Finnish internet users out there
Claudine says:
Laura says:
excellent...4 months later and we've finally got a step closer
Claudine says:
so do you think we should use our real names as our user names?
Laura says:
i hate pretending to be someone else, honestly
Laura says:
though...if I become...I mean, WHEN I become, a famous author...will this be embarrassing
Laura says:
Claudine says:
we can just display our first names
Claudine says:
our user name can be anything, you only use it to log in
Laura says:
I think I like this better
Laura says:
the real names

thinly slicing with potatoes

Claudine says: so i was just going through the log of our conversations trying to find a title for our blog

Laura says: inane conversations of the impossibly but deceptively brilliant

Laura says: ?

Claudine says: so far i like: weird quacking goose in the back yard ... Gunilla? Like godzilla? sanoo!

Claudine says: and oh, you're Afweig en antwoordt wellicht niet

Claudine says: it’s weird when you read it continuously because the responses not matching up stands out more

Laura says: ah...sorry...3 conversations at you know how to make a group conversation...I thought that could be fun (once we've completed a private blog conversation)

Claudine says: i think so

Tracy has been added to the conversation.

Claudine says: tracy?

Tracy says: hi

Laura says: super advanced are we all?

Tracy says: wow! I didn't know we could do this...can you invite alli too?

Claudine says: sure

Allison has been added to the conversation.

Laura says: ah....

Claudine says: better?

Allison says: the miracles of technology

Laura says: much easier than trying to type really fast before the next person replies

Tracy says: now none of us have to do any work!

Claudine says: yay!

Allison says: see tracy, claudine and I have practice having multiple conversations at one time :)

Laura says: this is very cool...not as cool as being home with you all, but very neat

Allison says: while doing some work (supposedly)

Claudine says: of course

Laura says: right...I do realize that you all are working hard

Tracy says: I’m just going to eat while we one's here so I don't have to pretend to work

Allison says: I am trying to figure out what to eat for lunch, while keeping my dinner options open too

Claudine says: my boss is away for a week so i don't have to either

Laura says: I'm just sinking into the couch...though I did just thinly slice with potatoes

Laura says: 8

Claudine says: that makes more sense then you thinly slicing With potatoes

Allison says: I have no idea what you just said

Tracy says: why are you slicing potatoes?

Claudine says: well i'm trying to decide if i should get lunch downstairs...

Laura says: yah...I think my new accent and vocab might be spreading to the written word

Laura says: what’s on the menu

Laura says: oh...dinner

Claudine says: yay, it’s breakfast for lunch today, definitely

Laura says: (the potatoes)


Claudine says: which makes up in advance for tomorrow (fish sticks and string beans !@!)

Laura says: it's a nice easy recipe--thin slice, toss with thyme, 2 cloves garlic and olive oil, then set in a dish, like a spread deck of cards and into the oven--25 min with foil, 25 minutes without

Laura says: sticks

Claudine says: i know!

Laura says: but lucky you....mmmm getting hungry

Laura says: Had awesomely delicious fish and chips on Monday night

Allison says: I could go for fish and chips

Laura says: Bagers and mash in the pub the next night with some Speckled Hen

Claudine says: me too

Tracy says: you're both making me hungry and I have a lame leftovers for lunch

Laura says: (no Speckled Hen for Allison though)

Allison says: but too many french fries goes to my butt as my mother-in-law has pointed out for me

Laura says: sorry

Laura says: but leftovers can be good too

Claudine says: see laura if you ever came back to the country of your birth you could come have fish and chips with us at teddys!

Laura says: meatloaf sandwiches--one of my favorites

Tracy says: not when they weren't that good to start with.

Allison says: :)

Tracy says: mmm...teddy's....

Allison says: I have none of these choices

Claudine says: i love meatloaf sandwiches

Claudine says: better than meatloaf

Allison says: but I am getting VERY hungry!

Claudine says: me too

Tracy says: when laura gets back....if that happens...we should have dinner at teddy's!

Laura says: play "Laura"...will I ever really be able to enjoy non-authentic fish and chips...I mean, in Bath...that's in england....

Allison says: or order from Teddy's if she comes back shortly after the birth of little searson

Laura says: God, I'm starving now too...and dinner is 30 minutes away

Laura says: when are you due?

Allison says: 8/8/05

Laura says: not to eat

Allison says: lOL

Allison says: I hope not

Laura says: that would be tough, yes

Allison says: Shall we all fly to england so laura can have her authentic fish and chips :)

Tracy says: that's the only polite thing to do

Laura says: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy says: we wouldn't want to torture her with americanized fish and chips

Claudine says: i don't think we should encourage her to stay any longer than she already is bying saying that we'll go visit her :P

Tracy says: although it would be much cheaper to fly laura here for some imitation food

Tracy says: very true

Tracy says: she needs to be encouraged to return

Claudine says: i agree, i have a bathroom that needs painting ;)

Tracy says: I couldn't visit even if I had the money. My luggage is in belgium :)

Laura says: hmmmm...see, this is why I need a private sponsor. Fly home with the winter clothes after the World Championships and back to Sweden or Finland for a summer of intense and brilliant (if mildly isolate--a good thing ) writing

Laura says: OOOOps!

Laura says: I had meant to send Dad home with at least one piece, bu things were a little disorganized

Tracy says: that's okay, I'm just kidding

Allison says: By the time I finish school I won't be allowed to fly

Tracy says: I have other luggage...and I'm not traveling anywhere

Laura says: If you do need some...we have other pieces, and I told Dad to be ready to surrender anything you need

Claudine says: (i'll be right back)

Laura says: he only uses his 30-year-old backpack anyway

Laura says: (I'll bet she's off getting french toast sticks)

Allison says: Unfortunately I have to run and get some food myself

Allison says: I will be back in 15 though

Tracy says: don't worry about the luggage...I have plenty of options

Allison says: I don’t want to starve the baby

Tracy says: don't do that, babies like food

Allison says: :)

Allison says: be back soon if you are all still around

Laura says: cool...if I ever get published, you will get a special thanks for that one

Tracy says: it's nice to know I can help ;)

Laura says: I'm thinking of dedicating the book to Gary Bettman...though I suppose that's a sports girls joke

Tracy says: yeah, I don't even know who he is

Laura says: What would be nice...if we all had an impossibly large amount of money...ok, even a little elbow room would be have girls night over here.

Tracy says: that would be a lot of fun! if only we had the use of a private jet

Laura says: exactly!

Laura says: I guess it is a little unfair to ask everyone to come to me though...

Tracy says: but you're in a much more interesting place than we are

Tracy says: did kim and carolyn visit already?

Laura says: yeah, I just got back last night. They were here from last Saturday to Wednesday. We had a real blast. Some silly digital photos to share once I figure out how to send them to one of those Web sites. (Which one do you use?)

Tracy says: I use

Tracy says: it seems pretty easy to use

Tracy says: I'm glad at least some of your friends were able to visit.

Laura says: I had a great time with some new friends in Finland and Sweden, but there's nothing like old friends...and as shocking as this might hang out with girls.

Tracy says: it's actually not that've gotten to be much more girly in the past few years ;)

Tracy says: and there's nothing like girl friends

Laura says: evidently I have a ways to go...big topic of conversations...whether Claire and Laura are trying to not just be friends with all the men they meet

Tracy says: there's nothing wrong with just being friends...some of the best marriages start that way

Claudine says: back

Laura says: life is complete again

Tracy says: with french toast sticks?

Laura says: hey...Brian is online too, we can invite him to chat

Laura says: yes, what did you pick from that great menu

Laura says: Oh...$427 and I can come home for 2 weeks at the end of May...

Tracy says: should we take up a collection?

Tracy says: if you don't come back in may when will you be back?

Laura says: I'm considering possibly September

Tracy says: that's so far away

Laura says: yah...but summer months always go faster

Claudine says: sorry i was trying to catch up

Claudine says: i got french toast sticks, pancakes, bacon, syrup and fruit salad

Tracy says: yummy!

Laura says: I noticed that it is hard to do keep scrolling up and then someone has a new somethinthen it rolls forward...very confusing

Claudine says: and lemonade and orage juice

Laura says: Hungry litte?

Claudine says: a little, mostly i've just gotten in the habit of bring back tons on food like this i have a good chance of having enough edible food for lunch

Laura says: thirsty little

Claudine says: angry pineapple!

Tracy says: my lunch is gone :( I want claudine's lunch

Claudine says: i'm sorry

Tracy says: it's ok. i have cinnamon apple sauce and a granola bar for dessert

Claudine says: that sounds good

Tracy says: it's not french toast but I can't have everything

Laura says: well...we have to eat now...

Claudine says: i'm sure most days your lunch is better than mine

Claudine says: have a good dinner

Tracy says: enjoy

Laura says: well...just to tantalize...I have my thinly sliced thyme and garlic roasted potatoes, steamed carrots and a nice chicken and mushroom with tomato sauce

Laura says: oh...and a nice glass of red wine from the French Pyrenees...

Laura says: the glass of wine my beat out the lemonade

Tracy says: you get my vote for the best meal

Claudine says: sounds delicious

Claudine says: definitely

Tracy says: a glass of wine would be much better than my water

Tracy has left the conversation.

Claudine says: will you be back on after dinner?

i'm not pregnant if that's what you're wondering

Laura says: Moui dag!

Laura sends Laurapigeon.JPG

You have successfully received Laurapigeon.JPG from Laura.

Laura says: It's me trying to sneak up on a pigeon backwards (so he won't notice)

Laura says: (based on those photos of me with Lynn and Kate that were taken at Trafalgar square when we were kids--they hung by the entrance of the living room in my apartment

Claudine says: very cute

Claudine says: it looks cold

Laura says: I think that's just my shoulders scrunching.

Laura says: that was the warm day

Laura says: I got to wear fleece!

Laura says: (but the down coat soon came back)

Laura says: this was cold

Laura sends Lswing.JPG

Laura says: be back soon

You have failed to receive file "Lswing.JPG" from Laura.

Claudine says: sorry

Laura says: for....

Claudine says: i missed your picture

Laura says: worrries, not that exciting.

Laura says: I'll try see if I can upload them to one of those site

Laura says: ss

Claudine says: or our blog

Laura says: I am going to try to be better about king pictures now that I have a digital camera. almost emphasizes the loneliness factor

Laura says: taking not king

Claudine says: it is great, i take tons of pictures now

Laura says: I just went through the slide show with joske. Lot's of junk even after I deleted them, but still, a lot of fun. Some that will be good for smiles.

Laura says: though having friends about was bad for my spending habits. I actually bought myself a silly souvenir

Claudine says: heaven forbid!

Laura says: In the Alice Shop (as in Wonderland) I bought a $14 (!) mug with the "drink me" label on it from the book illustrations

Laura says: I just loved it too much

Claudine says: it sounds very nice and although i guess $14 is alot for a mug it's not alot for a souvenir from a ten month trip

Laura says: true...but I have indulged myself...a team Sweden jersey to recover from the election results, things like that

Laura says: But...I guess you buy yourself little things on a daily at home basis any rate, I really like it, I drink tea every it will be well and affectionately used

Laura says: Anything exciting pop up lately?

Claudine says: i'm not pregnant if that's what you're wondering ^o)

Claudine says: and no one else is yet either

Laura sends Lswing.JPG

Laura says: well, that's good...I'm presuming

You have successfully received Lswing.JPG from Laura.

Claudine says: that's a good picture too

Laura says: that was a demonstration of cold

Laura says: so...would you kill me if i extended my stay?

Claudine says: until when?!!?

Claudine says: you said you'd be home before the summer....

Laura says: about a little later...for the good of literary development?

Laura says: I feel guilty only because of you, of course

Laura says: I am way far off from deciding...on staying for the summer in one place to work just on the two book projects...

Laura says: and come home in September

Laura says: :$

Claudine says: 8-) unbelievable

Laura says: I thought you might be considering whether ever to speak to me again

Claudine says: i was

Laura says: reconsidered?

Laura says: :$

Claudine says: really i'm just very jealous, if I were in your position I would stay as long as I could too

Claudine says: even if i were in my position ;)

Laura says: thanks for the support

Claudine says: and if you're there over the summer then maybe I'll get to come visit

Laura says: but all the more reason to keep looking for those weekend deals to paris!

Laura says: ah...see psychic

Laura says: I'm thinking I would get a place (shared) in Malmo, Tampere or maybe Budapest--but really Malmo and Tampere are the front runners, just because I like the places better.

Laura says: Tampere has easier-going people, so easier that way...but Malmo I like more

Laura says: as a place

Laura says: I want to stay where I have some people there I know, so I'm not starting from scratch. and where I know the city a bit--both places have real libraries to work in.

Claudine says: sorry, where is tampere?

Laura says: Oh, Finland...I mean, really...doesn't everyone know their Finnish geography

Laura says: (I still can't remember which is the Norwegian flag and which is the Danish ... So i can throw no stones.)

Claudine says: where is the pigeon picture taken?

Laura says: London, Traffalgar Square (however it is spelled)

Laura says: have to split for a little to let Joske use the Internet...I mean, who does she think she is!??

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

a dozen paint chips taped to the wall

Claudine says: hi!

Laura says: awwwwwwe!

Laura says: sorry couldn't get the old folk to go to bed

Claudine says: so how are you

Laura says: back in Belgium...and trying hard not to be depressed about it...I had a really good trip, but was spoiled--too much time with young and interesting people and /or friends...which means being here seems all the more dreary and old..

Laura says: how are you

Claudine says: ok

Claudine says: i think it was very cruel of your hockey friends to say that the season was off and then for a whole day to say that it was back on

Laura says: yeah...strange though since I was completely ignorant of the fact until they had called it off again

Laura says: It's not a good sign

Claudine says: you would feel at home in our apartment now since we have a dozen paint chips taped to the wall in the bathroom

Laura says: someone will have to be fired before they resolve it i think

Laura says: excellent!!!!!!

Laura says: :D

Claudine says: i finally got an idea for what to do in there

Laura says: yes....

Laura says: I’m on the edge of my seat

Laura says:

Claudine says: sorry... eating cheerios

Laura says: that's the idea?

Laura says: although...I can see it...a little avante garde

Laura says: something to think about in the shower

Claudine says: i'm going to get a ton of those clip frames in various sizes and arrange them on the wall

Claudine says: and put tons of travel pictures in them (some of your cambodia ones for example)

Claudine says: so I’m going to paint the walls either gray or tannish

Laura says: very cool

Claudine says: so that the colors from the pictures stand out

Claudine says: i actually wanted to ask you if you knew what a good price would be for those frames

Laura says: I got all mine from Ikea...they sell them in 4 packs and 2 packs. that's the best price I've seen, usually like 4 or 5 bucks for a set. But the sizes are a little strange sometimes...though it never really bothered me ...and I know you can matte

Claudine says: i found them at one place $3 for 4by6; $4 for 5by7

Claudine says: thanks, i'll definitely look at ikea

Claudine says: i figured most of the pictures i'd print out so i don't have to worry about the moisture so much so i can play around with the size too

Claudine says: at organized living they have 4by6 to 11by14 so i thought it would be interesting to have a mix, blake was thinking it could almost look like the walls are tiled

Laura says: very good idea, I like it more than the eating cheerios idea

Laura says: (by the way...what are you five?)

Laura says: what will you use to attach them to the walls?

Claudine says: i had a muffin for lunch and was getting very hungry, my office mate gave them to me, beggars cant be choosy

Claudine says: still up in the air

Laura says: ok...understand the begging part

Claudine says: i don't know if it would be easier to attach wood strips and attach them to that or just nail them all in the walls are a wreck anyways so it doesn't really matter if there are a hundred nail holes

Claudine says: we've also been talking about wallpapering the bed room but we'll wait for you for that

Laura says: can you get the nails in there?

Claudine says: sure, the tile is only halfway up

Laura says: I was thinking the plaster I guess.

Claudine says: no, the plaster's fine

Laura says: It is easier when it's a rental. I have this series of six prints from Leuven that i wanted to put on the wall at the head of my bed. i tried to do it with those sticky hangers, but the frames were too heavy. I don't really feel good about putting six holes in the plaster wal

Laura says: the wood strips I'm thinking will end up anno0ying you--and limit your scattering ability on the placement of the photos

Claudine says: i would just do it, if you get picture hangers the nails are really small and (therefore) don't make big holes and then you can just putty them the next time you paint

Laura says: weird quacking goose in the back yard...

Claudine says: (the leuven pictures)

Laura says: good point

Laura says: I used those in the apartment

Claudine says: they have ones that supposedly hold up to 150 pounds which seems impossible

Claudine says: how long are you in belgium for?

Laura says: yeah, I remember seeing that. They do work well, and can definitely hold a picture frame

Laura says: this time probably about a week...I have a few little things to take care of...try to apply for a 2nd passport, get a tax extension, figure out how to renew my drivers license

Claudine says: by boss is away until tuesday so i'm very IM-able

Laura says: excellent!

Claudine says: i think it's easy to get a tax extension especially if they owe you money

Claudine says: let me know if you need me to make any calls

Laura says: It's a nill-nill thing. I just have to file the papers

Laura says: Thank you.

Laura says: Could you call Stan Fishler who hasn't entered the new age of conversations by e-mail?

Claudine says: and he's ....

Laura says: He may have an agent willing to look at my hockey book idea...but asked me to call first

Laura says: has he any idea?!

Claudine says: sure

Claudine says: i have to run to a drs appointment though... will you be on tomorrow? (not later right it's already midnight)

Laura says: yeah...I was about to say I have to go to bed...

Laura says: perfect timing.

Laura says: Definitely tomorrow though!

Claudine says: great, i will be on all day :)

Claudine says: have a good night

Laura says: sanooo!

Claudine says: sanoo!